Phantom Duet

I attended a performance by the local Community Choir and Civic Orchestra. The music was outstanding! The repertoire was enjoyable, and the level of musicianship was impressive. But most remarkable is simply the level of talent and commitment to the arts present in this small-town midwestern community. This is grass-roots level art: people pulling together and volunteering to make something happen, for the pure love of it. And this is not some half-baked, amusingly amateurish attempt at art. There is top notch talent and passion for creativity here. I am certain this is the case in just about any locale. There is art everywhere! But is the environment always welcoming and supportive? Perhaps not. I am grateful that in this community, the arts are out in the open, supported, appreciated, and allowed to flourish.

Here is a pen and ink drawing that was loosely inspired by last year’s performance. I am not entirely happy with how the drawing turned out, but I like the mystery of the stage-left note drifting in from the wings. The soloist has an unknown and unexpected accompanist.

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