It seems that most everybody is tired of politics. Tired of the hostility, the accusations, and the insults. So am I. However, I am also sickened and ashamed daily that this reprehensible, ignorant individual has been elevated to an office which should instead be occupied by a wise, level-headed, mature leader. Furthermore, as much as I prefer to have this blog promote the positive rather than rail against the negative, I am keenly aware of the long-standing tradition in which artists actively take political stands and comment on society’s ills. Today, as the “Unite the Right” cretins again display their hatred and ignorance on the anniversary of the Charlottesville violence, I am sharing a drawing from last year. A year later I am still dismayed by what this event and the election of such a pathetic specimen has revealed about the character of this country. We seem to admire immature thinking, mindless aggression, crass selfishness, and a complete lack of empathy. We can be better than this. We should be better than this. I hold out hope that we can outgrow these poor aspects of our national character. The sooner we outgrow them the better.

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