Song of the River

The water is music. A song, flowing along, with familiar passages and themes, but always changing. Sometimes raucous, sometimes placid, but always moving. I manuever my boat through the song, improvising a melody. Sometimes hitting a sour note – the thunk of the hull against a log, the scrape of a stone, the splash of a mis-timed paddle stroke. Sometimes, harmony.

I began this composition months ago, and like many creative projects over this past year, it had languished in limbo. But, it is finally complete, and just needs to be printed. It will be digitally printed at 20″ x 30″ on an aluminum panel. The light shimmering on the reflective surface gives the image a luminance like sunlight on the water’s surface. This was created primarily in Adobe Illustrator, with some additional elements drawn in ProCreate on the iPad, and then embellished in Photoshop.

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