Sometimes I just want to consume. I just want to sit and look at pictures and listen to music. I want to be told a story, or be shown something extraordinary. At times the effort to create seems daunting, and if I let inertia take hold, I find myself crossing the threshold from active to passive. It’s true that you need to consume in order to produce. Input is necessary for output. You need material to distill. And I’m told that it’s OK to recharge every once in awhile. But I don’t like that feeling of sluggishness. It’s like mentally walking through mud. It’s like bicycling uphill and into a stiff wind. I can’t get where I’m going unless I keep pedaling, but sometimes I feel like just hitching a ride instead.

This evening, having attended a program discussing bat conservation, I am inspired by the subject matter, but too weary to put pen to paper. Luckily, I do have a bat sketch in my archives. Here’s a little 2″x3.5″ sketchbook scribble from 1-27-2013.

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